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What Is SEO Traffic? How to Make It Work for You? 

In this post, we will be aiming to discuss in depth exactly what the topic states. In getting to the fullness of the topic we will also discuss: 

  1. Why it is important  
  1. How to increase? 
  1. What are the best practices? 
  1. What are some challenges? 

What is SEO Traffic? 

First, the abbreviation of SEO is search engine optimization. The simplest way to put the definition is that SEO Traffic is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the number of visits to your website and is categorized by paid traffic or organic search traffic. To break this down a bit more, it is the process that makes your website better for search engines. 

Some SEO Key Terms  

  1. Organic searches: in some articles, you may see this being referred to as natural traffic. Organic or natural traffic are those search results that a closest to the keyword search by the user(s). 
  1. Traffic: This refers to users who visit your website. 
  1. Paid searches: these referrers to those visits that are brought to the users by advertisement. This is done through marketing be it PPC or CPM. 
  1. Traffic rank: this is a comparison of how much ranking you get to other websites on the internet and this most times is for websites in your business category.  

Types of SEO Traffic 

There are two types of SEO traffic: 

  • Paid Traffic: This is usually done as a marketing tactic where your website is reached through advertisement and this can be through varied mediums such as PPC (pay-per-click; this is just as it says the owner of the website pays the sponsored partner/advertiser each teach the add is clicked to take the user to website), CPM (cost-per-impression; for this ad type you pay once your website and is displayed, this ad type you not often time used), podcast, newsletter, social media or any other.  
  • Organic Traffic:  This traffic type is naturally done which also means you don’t pay for it. This is so as the click is done by going through your social media page(s) linked to your website, from Google search or newsletter emails.   

Ways To Increase SEO Traffic 

There are multiple ways in which one can improve their SEO traffic but we will be discussing just a few and this will be done in no particular order: 

  1.  On-Page SEO 
  1. Content Optimization 
  1. Keyword Targeting 
  1. Backlinking 
  1. High-Quality Content 

On-Page SEO 

This speaks of things that can be done to optimize your ranking using your own web page. Usually, these are simple fixes but, to get full of what is needed or what to be done you may need to source additional advice to see things in the entirety. In this, there are paid tools, companies that will give their team that will do the full auditing to cover in full.   

For this particular SEO traffic type, the main focus is keywords targeting in all posts. Here are some are you can start with on your own: 

  1. Make mention of your main keyword(s) in your title 
  1. While not overusing it use as much as possible throughout your article  
  1. Ensure it is simple enough to be used and memorable in the URL 
  1. Mention in the earlier parts of your article (first eighty words) 

Content Optimization 

This is ensuring that the search engines understand the content presented and that it reaches the correct or targeted audience. Attracting both the correct audience and search engines is the main purpose of this type of process.  

The tools in this area of relevance are primarily the Google ranking factor, as the closer the search in intent match the better it is for your ranking. 

Keyword Targeting 

Once your search engine target audience is known this is actually the first step used in SEO and content strategy. You then need to know and have the content on what your audience is searching for.  

We have learned one of the easiest ways to know what your audience is searching for and how to write to meet them is to type in your search engine the keywords.  

In getting clarity on these keywords and what the competition is like there are tools that we are able to use and one such tool is Google Keyword Planner

Using these tools also gives volume and difficulty to your keywords. What this means is: 

  • Volume 
  • Difficulty 


Backlinking shows that your page is providing value and is one of the most important ranking factors on Google. 

This is one of the top ways to generate organic traffic as putting yourself out there by getting various posts would be wonderful. This can be done by having your link added to various websites or social media pages. It will be grand in getting a guest to re-post your article or website link in this case, however, you will need to ensure your article is adding all the top keywords. 

Websites are normally easier to target when the authority is fifty (50) and over. What is domain authority you may ask? Search engine usually ranks the level of success for your website, in this, it takes into consideration of the specific subject area of the industry.  

High-Quality Content 

Content marketing is not as impactful if the content is not great. This is done by using an algorithm so as to ensure the effort that is put behind the content is not lost so the website with the higher content rises to the top fastest. So here are a few this to consider when considering high-quality content.  

  • Consider your competitors 
  • Intent 
  • Comprehensiveness 

Consider Your Competitors 

Always remember that in putting something out on the website someone or an organization had put out something of that idea or something similar to that, in that ensure whatever you put out is better that the competition. 

  1. Try adding real examples in, once possible, add screenshots. Your visitors will love you for this as they will see that you know what they are facing. 
  1. Make your sentences clear, your paragraphs short, and bulletins and images. 
  1. Add stats that were necessary to back your information. 


One main area to consider when doing content is, does your content match search intent?  

What this is saying is will a user click on your link once they see this in the search engine findings and will this be helpful? 

Ensure your content falls in these categories of intent: 

  1. Commercial: this intent is for traffic users who are looking to purchase. 
  1. Information: Individual needs information for example research on diet, software installation, or other. 
  1. Navigational: Traffic users trying to find a specific website. 
  1. Transactional: Traffic user looking to purchase. 


The aim is to be the most comprehensive with content on topics or subject areas for your users. This is by matching the search intent of your audience once this is known. 

Once done then there you need to ensure your content is more all-inclusive and more helpful than that which is before. 

Your content should seek to resolve: 

  • Problems user/audience encounter 
  • All information users would find helpful 
  • Areas you would need to cover to make that is most useful to the user 

What is The Importance of SEO Traffic? 

Because SEO traffic is targeted it is most important. This can be enhanced based on online presence which is an asset that can be encouraged by email listing, social media following, or even your blogs. 

Building these assets generically takes time and consistency however it pays off as you will save from paid advertising and your user will always be there. 

A grand example is starting a social media page, the following list may not be instantaneous but consistency is key. Also, to get a blog off the ground you will need to be consistent and put some work in.  

While this may take a lot of your time consider the time investment worthwhile. 

What Are Some Best Practices of SEO Traffic? 

While there are plenty of tools to aid in SEO traffic increase, the majority of current-day digital marketers look to Google Analytics to track to quality of traffic they are getting from their visitors.   

In no particular order here are five (5) of the known best practice: 

  1. Write titles that are unique but describe the content and subject area 
  1. Constant publication of great content 
  1. Website loading speed optimization 
  1. Responsiveness of website 
  1. Keywords being added early on in your post or website content 


At the end of it all, we now know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to great organic traffic without a cost.  

While there are tools it pays to know the ins and out and understand what you want from your SEO companies.  

Remember to choose your correct keywords and if this is overwhelming remember there are tools to use. 

My hope is that you got the full deals of what you need to know about SEO, however, if there are any untouched areas please let us know. 

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