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Great Creators

Powerful software
to help artists
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Music and entertainment have the unique power to transcend cultures, languages, and borders. Promoting it, and getting it heard, on the other hand, has become increasingly complex.

Getting your music recognized is becoming an uphill battle with more and more artists emerging, making it increasingly difficult for your music to be discovered.

How can we simplify this process so that you, the artist, gets the exposer that you deserve?


Who we are?

We’re a passionate team of product-driven managers, drawn from every corner of the globe. The common denominator? Music—we live and breathe the stuff. Some of us are even musicians ourselves. So, when we say “we rock,” we really do mean it.

Every day, we help artists realize their potential through the utilization of our software and exposing them to millions of potential new fans and listeners?


The question remains

How do you connect to potential listeners?

How can you make sure
your music is being heard?

How does this powerful software that can get your music heard actually work?

We can help push that new single that only a few handful of people might have heard, to having it curated on Spotify’s “What’s Hot”, “Trending”, and “Fresh New Music” playlist across the globe. Giving you worldwide exposure that you may have once thought not possible.

PUSHGiant Spotify Benefits

Artists and creators around the world compete for fans’ attention, while consumption is largely reliant on a few major platforms. One of those platforms is Spotify.

PUSHGiant Spotify makes it as simple as possible to get unlimited organic plays, likes, and listeners on your Spotify profile with just a few clicks on your mouse.


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