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How does Google know how to rank your page? 

In ranking your website, Google uses crawlers to scan and index your page. For your website all pages are rated based on Google’s opinion of your content. With this said when trying to drive organic traffic to your website, understanding Google is quite a powerful skill. 

First Page Ranking 

The aim for all ambitious business and website owners is to land on the first page of the search engine results. How do you get there?  

  1. Keyword strategy creation; this helps to target customers that search directly for your set of keywords 
  2. Location target; this will say where what is the base location of you reach 
  3. Mobile optimization 
  4. Visitor experience once on the website 
  5. Always write for people forget the crawlers 
  6. Have a Google My Business (GMB) account 
  7. Optimize GMB profile 
  8. Value your customers’ review 
  9. List business in directories 

What about the individual factors that decides website rankings? Let’s take a closer looking into what may contribute to a web page being not so great and how does this affect your search engine ranking. 

On-Page Ranking 

In this, the entire page appearance and not just your featured topics and main body content is included. Google takes various measures into analyzing your website content, these includes: 

  • Did your content go deep? The body of the content is measured with the relevance of the topic. This may be measured by Google’s algorithm (Natural Language Processing also called the NLP). Extensive writing can also feature increase your chances of covering all the needed or relevant word for your content you need to provide; this may contribute positively for your ranking. 
  • Was your page attractive for your user? Is your content well presented in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)? Meaning does your presentation positively affects your click-through-rate (CTR)? Were your titles and tags correctly optimized? Does your content show relevance to your brand?  
  • Did the content of your page help your users? Here are some basic questions to ask in understanding this: Were internal links of your page selected to explore pages? Did your user stay on the page, scroll through, read or view your content, impact your TOS positively? Did they bounce your page for the SERP negatively impacting your bounce rate? 
  • Was your content unique? Was your content recycled or did you compare that in your niche to ensure it is one of a kind? Did you bring something new and mind blow to the table other doing your research? 

Off-Page Factors 

What happens off your web page? What happens to it where backlinks are concerned? How does GMB affect you? How does your social media affect you? 

  • Google My Business: This does not affect everyone but for those businesses that relies heavily on local traffic or say traffic from specific locations. If that is your area ensure your business is correctly set-up in your online space and you can easily be found on Google Maps. 
  • Social Media: We have mentioned that the action on various social media channels does not directly impact your business ranking, however, it is an excellent way of endorsing your business. Endorsing your business meaning the endless possibility of potential customers and you also become a possible household name.  
  • Backlinks: While this is an important area for SEO it is quite vital for Google, so much so there were multiple algorithms dedicated to fighting things, not in support of such spams. Links are an important part of SEO as it helps your site to appear as a more authoritative and trustworthy site on the search engines. 


Keeping these simple steps in mind and you will be on your way to the top of the charts. Keep reading as we have more information in articles to come.  

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