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Google Analytics Metrics for Business Growth and How They Can Help 

A Google Analytics account is recommended for monitoring your online presence. It allows you to target your customers, which in turn helps you grow your business. Considering the amount of information Google Analytics provides, what should you pay attention to? In this article, we hope to inform you of this. Can you tell what Google Analytics is? A Google service that tracks all user activities on your website is provided by this service. We can say that this is a tool that is used to evaluate data in its totality and also for traffic control. Its dashboard allows users to monitor and track all online content.

Metrics to Track in Google Analytics

The verse tool has quite a few metrics you should always pay attention to, however, we will outline those that have the most impact on conversions and revenue.


It goes without saying that this metric tracks the number of people who have visited your website over a specific period of time. These people are divided into new and returning users. You can use this to determine whether your marketing strategy is effective in bringing the traffic you expect to your website, which in turn can contribute to business growth. While the user visit is accurate, it is not 100% accurate. Why is this so? You may wonder. Once a user visits your website that user is assigned a unique identifier, this user is then identified on each visit however should that said user visit your website with another device or an incognito browser then Google Analytics will register that user as a new user and not as a returning user. To get to your user metrics in Google analytics you select audience then overview. From here you will also get information such as new users, pageviews, average session duration and bounce rate.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who land on one page, don’t interact with it, and then leave. In marketing, high bounce rates indicate problems, and all problems have solutions. There are usually one or more of these reasons for a high bounce rate, but this is not an exhaustive list: Your website has a simple technical problem Your call to action (CTA) fails to follow through because a link on your page does not lead to another. User needs are not met by the content or there is insufficient content There is a lack of responsiveness on the page (it does not display well on mobile devices and loading time is slow). The above list are starting points for lowering bounce rates.

Average Session Duration

The average session duration measures how long your users spend on your website during a session. In looking at this metrics you are able to gauge the interest or the lack there of in the content you have produced. For example, that content is in the for of a blog and it is five minutes read, and your average session duration says four minutes. Congratulations, you have hit the spot. There is a variation in the reading pace of your visitors. Additionally, a high duration session is also associated with low bounce rates.


For my readers whose businesses revolve around lead generation, subscriptions, and other similar fields, this may be the most important metric. Our users need to sign up for our newsletter, make a purchase, or even click the submit button after completing the form. You can use the conversion rate metric in Google Analytics by defining your goal. The metric can then be used to determine how many visitors are completing the target objective. The more you monitor your conversion rate, the more you will understand how campaigns and incentives are working and where any problems may exist. You are also able to track your customers’ path to completing the goal by keeping an eye on this metric as well. This helps you maximize your business growth by tracking the customer’s path to your website.


To put the altogether Google Analytics is a useful tool and is highly recommended for all business owner. We recommend that all first time users of Google Analytics do courses for the full understanding of this tool and know how to use or understanding the metrics.  

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